Ephemera by Unsound

Ephemera is a synaesthetic installation with perfumes inspired by genres and sounds of electronic music, launched at Unsound festival in New York in April of this year, with the second phase launching at the National Museum in Krakow in October, followed by an installation at Tromsø Contemporary Art Museum in Norway as part of Insomnia Festival.


Perfumer Geza Schoen, known for Escentric Molecules and the Ormonde Jayne line amongst many other perfumes, has created three fragrances inspired by music, entitled Noise (music by Ben Frost), Drone (music by Tim Hecker) and Bass (music by Kode9). Translation of cross modal concepts into scent immediately piques my interest, as I’m constantly advising people to tune into their other senses in order to learn how to describe scent.

Ephemera have suggested that further installations will take place: hopefully London is on the agenda. Fragrance reviews will follow, but in the meantime, below is a clip of Noise, with visuals created by Marcel Weber.

You can find out more about Ephemera on their website.

A Trip to the Osmothèque

On a chilly and grey November morning, I headed off to Versailles from St Pancras with a group of over 20 other perfume lovers.

After a highly eventful morning (I lost my phone in the cab that I took to the station, and managed to get in touch with the driver to arrange with him to drop it off at our Covent Garden boutique) and a lunch that can only be described as ‘challenging’ (anyone that attended will attest to caramel chicken being the most bizarre thing they’ve ever eaten), we got onto our minibus to take us to the ISIPCA campus in Versailles, the home of the Osmothèque.
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