Alexander McQueen Tease New Perfume Through Social Media

Alexander McQueen teased the launch of the brand’s new perfume through a series of posts across social media yesterday. A banner image, as well as gorgeous visual campaign, herald the forthcoming McQueen Parfum, described as The Signature Scent for Women alongside the hashtag #BLOOMATNIGHT.


The name of the fragrance appears to be simply: McQueen Parfum. Details are scant, yet a 15-second video, as well as some stunning visuals, suggest that the perfume will be a white floral bouquet, with jasmine sambac, tuberose and ylang-ylang featuring amongst the notes.

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Scent Messaging – The oPhone

Whilst the transmission of smell is currently impossible, instructing a device to release an odour which is stored inside it has become a reality. The past few weeks has seen a fair bit of buzz around the oPhone and the oSnap messaging app it works with. The oPhone itself is a wonderful, simple concept: a telephone that releases aromas, which are linked to photos tagged by the sender. The first set of aromas that can be delivered are food and coffee related.

Tagging a picture with aromas to be delivered alongside the image.

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