French 75: Cédrat Enivrant – Atelier Cologne

Atelier Cologne have dedicated themselves to producing fresh, long lasting fragrances since their launch in 2010, and introduced a new concentration in the ‘Cologne Absolue’ – equivalent in dilution to Eau de Parfum.

cedrat enivrant cedrat enivrant ralf schwieger atelier cologne

Cédrat Enivrant is an ode to their massively successful (and deliciously juicy) Orange Sanguine, and to French 75 cocktails – the perfect blend of gin, lemon and champagne (the addition of gin improves almost everything). Christophe and Sylvie, the founders of Atelier Cologne, turned to Ralf Schwieger once again to create Cédrat Enivrant – the first addition to the ‘Collection Originale’ since the brands inception.

Opening with an incredibly tart, tangy and sweet explosion of citron (a bitter, delicious, lemon-like fruit, with a soft floral facet missing from lemons) and fizzy lime, Cédrat Enivrant’s pith-y topnotes are extended into the heart with the addition of basil – a trick employed by Bertrand Duchaufour in his fabulous Jardin du Poete for Eau d’Italie – and softened somewhat by a muddled mint and juniper effect. The presence of vetiver lends its grapefruit facet to the whole composition, and a delicate woody element to the base.

The amazing thing about Cédrat Enivrant, like its relative Orange Sanguine, is how tenacious and realistic the citrus effect is – surviving on the skin for hours and exemplifying photorealism in perfumery.

Comparable fragrances to sniff out: Cologne Bigarade by Editions de Parfums, Eau Fraiche by Versace, Homme by Guerlain, Eau d’Orange Verte by Hermes, Blood Oranges by Shay and Blue, Allure Homme Sport Cologne by Chanel, Homme Sport by Dior.

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