If you’ve been reading reviews of Papillon Perfumery’s first trio of fragrances (I’ll be reviewing my personal favourite, Angelique, soon here), you’ll have noticed that the way perfumer Liz Moores has gone about launching her brand is with a brilliant utilisation of new media, an area that most brands still struggle to comprehend.


Liz has been running her Twitter account and Facebook page for almost 3 years, building up a following, discussing fragrances with the rest of us fragrance lovers (as well as sharing insight into her daily life, with her cats, kids and rescuing owls as well bringing a new daughter into the world) and dotting in the occasional post about the development of her brand and fragrances. Liz has built up an engaged audience and is capitalising on that.

Then, eschewing the traditional press, either through necessity, or simply because perfume bloggers and reviewers are more likely to write about new, interesting and beautiful perfumes, Liz has built up excitement and intrigue about her perfumes by sending out samples to those who can influence their own audiences. And from what I’ve seen today, with everyone sending congratulatory tweets and messages, sharing the Papillon message, I think it’s made a huge impact on the sentiment towards the brand as it launches. More brands could learn from the way Liz has built her audience and supporters prior to launch.

Today sees the launch of Papillon Perfumery, and the fragrances will be available to at Les Senteurs from July. Sniff them as soon as you can.

[Disclaimer: I’m lucky enough to have been friends with Liz for almost 3 years through social media. We’ve met once and chatted lots. I received samples of the fragrances, and was relieved to find they are all beautiful.]

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