Ginterlude: Reviews & Ground-rules

Outside of fragrance, one of my favourite indulgences is gin. Gin, like fragrance, uses alcohol as a carrier for botanical ingredients – and as such has a reputation of tasting perfume-y. As a gin lover, I’ve got a constantly rotating selection of gins at home, and am always keen to try something new.


I’m also always trying to convert gin haters in to gin lovers (as to be fair, most peoples experience of gin, like with perfume, is of unsophisticated blends that are created to have mass appeal rather than be actually delicious) – and Gordon’s is a Juniper heavy gin which seems to be the default house gin. It is most peoples first, and often last, foray into the world of gin drinking.

I’ve set ground-rules for gin tasting and reviewing, as different factors will effect the flavour of the gin. Freshness of citrus and water quality will change perception of the gin, and this will allow me to keep tastings as standardised as possible.


I will always:
– Use one 30ml measure of gin
– Use 125ml of Schweppes tonic as a standard mixer

I will never:
– Use a garnish
– Use ice
– Rely on tasting notes

If you are interested in trying out samples of gins in the same way you would with fragrance, Master Of Malt will sell you a decanted measure for tasting purposes. Otherwise, I would suggest a trip to London Gin Club at The Star at Night – Julia is an absolute diamond, and knows gin inside out.

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