Sacred Gin – Ginterlude

Sacred Gin is from the North London based Sacred Microdistillery. They also produce a vodka, and recently have launched a pink grapefruit gin and a cardamom gin.


Having recently laid down my Gindex ground rules, my first review is of one of my favourite gins. It features one of my favourite odorants: frankincense, hence the name ‘Sacred’.

The nose is very bright, with a crispness and sweetness present, as well as a soft citrus tang. On tasting, a grapefruit-y citrus is present, somewhat bitter, alongside the expected burst of juniper from a gin. The smooth frankincense note enhances the citrus profile (I believe there is orange, lemon, and lime here too), and creates a bridge to the spicy freshness of cardamom and warmth of nutmeg. There is also an earthy facet, perhaps angelica, that lends a mineral element to the gin, as well as a very faint hint of violet lurking in the background, which I would hazard a guess at being a result of orris root.

Overall Sacred Gin is a zesty, dry and smooth gin, with a roundness which makes it very easy to enjoy. Would drink again (and again).

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