Four years ago today, my scented partner in crime Thomas (aka The Candy Perfume Boy) and I started @FragrantReviews. The concept is simple: fit a descriptive review into 140 characters, with a star rating. In the time since, we’ve amassed over 700 reviews, 3000+ followers, and better still: we have both been able to improve as writers – both of us being nominated for Jasmine Awards, with Thomas winning one earlier this year! Sadly, there’s not yet a category for best Twitter soundbite.

fragrantreviewsWe’ve decided to celebrate our fourth birthday in our normal pithy style, picking out our favourite 140 character reviews from the last 4 years.

Thomas finds Black XS perhaps a little too sweet, even for his tastes.

A quick sniff of Eau d’Italie’s truly evocative depiction of Positano.

Thomas smells loneliness in Lutens L’Eau Froide.

Sucre d’Ebene inspires a trip down memory lane.

Thomas struggled with a Bond No 9 hangover.

Givenchy are perverts for releasing Pi: a scent with next to no longevity.

Kate Middleton’s alleged wedding fragrance smells a bit like Dove Shampoo.

Gee, your hair smells terrific!

Thomas’s school report for Lagerfeld: must try harder.

Achievement Unlocked: reference X-Men in a fragrance review.

Sometimes the character limit forces us to write wildly creative reviews, like in this example from Thomas.

Scathing reviews are best kept short.

Thomas has selected his favourites over on TCPB. Have a go at your own 140 character review: it’s not as easy as it sounds!

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