Here’s a small selection of press that I’ve been quoted or mentioned in over the years. If you’re interested in me providing a quote for your piece, feel free to contact me.

Cosmopolitan Beauty Awards 2013:

As Cosmopolitan magazine’s Beauty and Fragrance Awards 2013 Fragrance Expert, I was required to judge across 4 categories, Best Niche Fragrance, Best Premium Fragrance,  Best Celebrity Fragrance, and Sex Appeal in a Bottle. The winners are here.

Advice, Quotes, etc:

“People grow up in their twenties and begin to understand who they are, what they really like but finding the right way to translate that into fragrance is not an easy thing.”
Are You Scent Single? on InStyle

“Most importantly, trust your nose. It will tell you if you do or don’t like something!”
On the nose on Times of Malta

“‘A fragrance based on a favourite flower can be a wonderful short cut to a scent you’ll wear and love,’ says Nick Gilbert ([…] who, at 27, is something of a perfume prodigy)” –
Fragrance special: A singular scentsation on Daily Mail

“Bahiana by Maître Parfumeur et Gantier, […] proposed to me by Nicholas Gilbert after his insightful studies of V/S” – On The Scent on Vogue

“Right now is probably the most exciting time in perfumery.” – Scents and Sensibilities on Irish Tatler

“They also have an animalic edge which reminds us on a subconscious level of human bodies.” – What’s the best fragrance to wear on a date? on Mens Health

“Is this well constructed fragrance one of the best selling celeb fragrances yet?” – So you want to smell like a celebrity? on Cosmopolitan

“A lot of women find tuberose notes too sensual and by making them softer and brighter, it’s easier to wear.” – The scent of seduction on Yahoo! Lifestyle

“It’ll never go out of style” – 10 Classic Men’s Fragrances Worth Having on

“A white floral fragrance, when holding a bouquet of roses for example, can be somewhat inharmonious” – Beauty And The Bride: Finding A Fragrance on MyDaily

“Endorsement isn’t a new thing but it’s becoming more attractive as stars realise how lucrative it is. Fragrances are becoming higher quality and more credible.” – The sweet smell of celebs on The Telegraph

“Iris and gourmand notes (including honey, vanilla, and other foody aromas) continue to crop up in the latest launches, showing that comforting and powdery notes are here to stay” – New Season Scents: Finding A Fragrance For Autumn on MyDaily

“It’s fresh, but with woody power” – The best fragrances for every occassion on Men’s Health

“Shop without your partner or friends, who have different tastes to you” – Beauty And The Bride: Winter Wedding Fragrance on MyDaily

“It was retro in a way but also futuristic.” – To be (dis)continued: the story of the lost men’s scents on The Telegraph

“Vanilla’s comforting,” Gilbert continues, “because it recalls the security of youth and nursery desserts, and is considered by some to be an aphrodisiac.” – Perfumes: The sweet smell of celebs on The Independent

Praise for @FragrantReviews:

“As we’ve said before, a reviewer ought to say what the fragrance smells like. Nick Gilbert shows that it can be done in a high-tech haiku.” – Avery Gilbert

“In a world where time is of the essence, this may be the easiest way to get a quick fragrance review fix.” –