I have provided and developed training in-house for 2 of the biggest players in the niche perfume market.

Having worked with trainers from several brands, I’ve developed my own style that focuses on communicating a strong background knowledge of the perfume industry whilst testing understanding throughout.

If your team is new to perfume and fragrance, and needs to be brought up to speed on the fascinating world of perfumery, then I can help.


  • Training your trainers –┬áteaching trainers how best to talk about specialist products.
  • Group sessions –┬áproviding an induction into the world of perfumery, from history to raw materials, extraction methods to fragrance construction.
  • Training manuals – developing a workbook that communicates everything you need for people to sell your product.
  • Service training – from how to provide the ultimate fragrance consultation.
  • I can provide half-day, full-day or several day sessions, depending on your needs.

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